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A UX Report in Reviewr

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Reviewr helps designers audit websites and apps, create beautiful reports, and share them with clients. No more manually creating reports of your findings. Saving you hours if not days of work.

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Speed up your UX audit process

Don’t lose precious days performing UX audits. Instead, use Reviewr to quickly perform UX audits and create beautiful client-ready reports—saving you hours if not days of work.

Performing UX audits has never been easier

Easily to assess the performance of your product’s UI so that you can detect usability issues. Choose the usability principles, then identify issues, attach screenshots and videos.

Performing a UX Review in Reviewr
The dashboard in Reviewr

Perform audits in your browser

Audit the user experience directly in the browser without the need to install an app. Reviewr powers your process so that you can focus on evaluating the user experience and not the tool.

Generate beautiful reports worth share

Whether you’re evaluating a client’s product, or you’re part of a product team, we make sharing your findings as easy as possible. In a matter of seconds, you can turn your findings into a beautiful report that is fully customisable.

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Join our early access list, and we’ll let you know when you can perform UX audits that create beautiful client-ready reports—saving you hours of work.

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Quickly identify UX issues

Learn how to quickly and easily identify user experience issues, whether for improving your product or as a new service to offer your clients.

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The perfect tool for the job

Everything you need to perform UX audits efficiently. From scoring to screenshots, we’ve got your UX needs covered.

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Create beautiful UX reports

Turn your findings into beautifully branded reports that you can share with your clients. Get ready to impress your client and your team.

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Join our early access list, and we’ll let you know when you can perform UX audits that create beautiful client-ready reports

Frequently asked questions

You have a few questions about UX audits. Well, we’ll try out best to answer it.

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What exactly is a UX Audit?

It is a careful assessment of a user interface, and its purpose is to detect usability issues.

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What is a heuristics evaluation?

A UX audit is also referred to as a heuristic evaluation. But essentially they are the same thing.

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Is an audit the same as a UX review?

Yep, they're different names for the same thing. Some companies call it an expert review or a usability review.

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Why is a UX audit important?

UX audits are great at uncovering usability issues that are impacting the success of your app or website.

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How much does a UX audit cost?

Companies charge anywhere from $1k right up to $40k for a UX audit. It all depends really on the budget, scope and demand.

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How do I perform a UX audit?

UX audits can be complex and time consuming. To help with this we create Reviewr. It is simple to use and saves you lots of time.

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When will Reviewr be available?

We're finishing a few features we consider as "must-haves" before we launch. Once done, we'll make the app available.

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Will I be able to audit websites?

Yes, you will be able to quickly audit any website as well as mobile apps.

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What if I don't know how to do a UX audit?

The Reviewr app will guide you through the process. We've also created  tutorials that will help you perform UX audits.

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Will the app be free or do I have to pay?

You will be able to try the app for free but you will be asked to pay for some premium features.

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Will I be able share my UX report?

Yes, after you complete your guided UX Audit you can download or share your professional Reviewr report.

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Can I customise my UX report?

You will be able to choose from several different themes or apply your own custom colour scheme. You can also upload your own company logo.


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